Jog on -Pelvic Floor Problems

The New Zealand Herald, March 5th 2012

A friend of mine once coached a women's softball team. It was a pretty social affair - more of an excuse to get away from the kids for a bit, it usually included a post-game wine. My friend, fresh out of university with her phys ed degree, would lead them all in a vigorous, heartrate boosting warm-up, complete with star jumps. At that point she lost half the team as they made a mad dash to the loo. Yes, gents, this is another one of those ladies only posts. It's estimated a third of women suffer from incontinence problems after having a baby.....Read the rest of the article here:


Dangerous downside of sit-ups: embarrassing side effects 

The Australian, 29th May 2010

AFTER losing 17kg and running a half marathon in one hour 50 minutes, Sally Thompson appeared to be a postnatal fitness success story.  About a year after the birth of her second child, Thompson had signed up at a gym and engaged a personal fitness trainer to help her lose her post-baby excess weight and regain her former high level of fitness.

Within six months she'd achieved her goal.

"I was so strong, fit and healthy, but then my insides let me down," says Thompson, now 39, who went on to learn she'd been building her body fitness while leaving behind her pelvic floor, the platform of muscles, ligaments, connective tissue and sphincters that combine to support and close the bladder, vagina, uterus and bowel. Read the rest of the article here.



'Good Morning' looks at the problem of incontinence

Dr Cathy Stephenson appearing on Good Morning

Video of Dr Cathy Stephenson talking about the causes of urinary and faecal incontinence.


Dr Cathy Stephenson appearing on Good Morning

Video of Dr Cathy Stephenson talking about how to treat the pelvic dysfunction that often follows childbirth



Physiotherapy helps pelvic health issues

Relief is in sight for people with incontinence problems. Jane Bond and Lisa Yates, both prominent physiotherapists and specialists in women's health, have formed their own practice.  Read the rest of the article here



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