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At risk of a pelvic flaw?

OHbaby Issue 10 -  Pelvic Flaws

Discussing pelvic floor problems is never going to be sexy. However, pelvic floor dysfunction is common and can cause significant distress for many women. Lisa Yates explains what exactly goes wrong and who is at risk.  Read the article here


Healing your Pelvic Floor

OHbaby Issue 11 -  Pelvic Flaws

Many women are secretly suffering problems they simply consider “the norm”. With information and exercise, you can say goodbye to pelvic floor problems and say hello to strength.  In the article “At risk of a pelvic flaw?” in OHbaby! Magazine Issue 10 (Winter 2010), we looked at one of the downsides of pregnancy and birth — pelvic floor dysfunction. Urinary leakage frequently occurs as a result of a weak pelvic floor. One in three women suffer incontinence, most in silence. In this article we will examine ways you can help your pelvic floor and maybe even prevent problems in the first place. Read the article here


Split abdominal muscles after pregnancy

OHbaby Issue 5 - Mind the gap

Most women are keen to get their tummy muscles back in shape as soon as possible postnatally, but there is a common condition few are aware of. A diastasis of the rectus abdominis, or DRA, is frequently overlooked, but physiotherapist Lisa Yates explains what to look for, and how to repair the damage.  Read the article here


Walking by trimester.

OHbaby Issue 12 - Fitness

Exercise during pregnancy can seem a little daunting. Being a “baby factory” is exhausting in itself, without the pressure of extracting yourself from the sofa to pound the pavements! However, research reveals numerous benefits of exercising during pregnancy. Once you know the basic guidelines, it can be as simple as grabbing your trainers and going for a walk. Read the article here


Making time for fitness

OHbaby Issue 6 - Fitting in Fitness

Busy mother, busy life – but finding time to exercise is still important. Lisa Yates and Fiona Ross of FiLiFit explain.

It is said that motherhood is a marathon, not a sprint.How true this is! Along with the joys of being a mother come the constant and sometimes relentless drain that children can have on your energy levels. Read the article here


The Value of a Personal Trainer

OHbaby Issue 9 - Making it Personal

Whether you’re a veteran at exercise or just starting to get back in shape after giving birth, a personal trainer can give you a real boost of confidence as well as provide expert advice on what will work best for your body. Physiotherapist and personal trainer Lisa Yates explains. Read the article here


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